Fail to Surrender Permit for Motor Vehicle

Drivers are required to surrender the permit or true copy of it upon demand by a police officer

Fail to Surrender Permit (Ownership) for Vehicle

A police officer can demand the drivers licence, insurance and a copy of the ownership for the vehicle.


When stopped by a police officer the driver is required to surrender the permit for the vehicle or a “true copy” of the document to the officer.
Fail to Surrender Permit
The document is divided into two parts, the plate portion and the vehicle portion.

The permit links the number plates to a vehicle.

The plate portion of the permit links the number plate to a person or company. The permit may also be called: the ownership, or the registration

This requirement includes surrendering the permit for any trailer attached to the vehicle.

In requesting the document officer wants to see that:

  • the permit is validated
  • the licence plates attached to the vehicle are authorized by the Ministry
  • the vehicle matches the description of the vehicle being driven

Where the driver is unable to surrender the document the officer can issue traffic ticket to the driver of the vehicle, regardless if they are the owner or not. The permit includes the plate portion and the vehicle portion of the document.

Insurance Implications

A conviction for failing to surrender permit may appear on a driving abstract but not always.

As convictions can affect insurance rates drivers are recommended to obtain the proper permit and appear at the court with the traffic ticket.

Many times the prosecution will consider withdrawing a fail to surrender permit ticket where the driver produces the document.

Demerit Points

There are no demerit points for failing to surrender a permit.

Demerit Point Interviews

If you have to attend an interview, you will get a letter (Notice of Interview) to notify you of the time, date and location of the meeting. If you do not attend your licence could be suspended.

The fee for a demerit point interview is $50 and must be paid in person at any Service Ontario Centre.

You can pay the fee when you receive the Notice of Interview or within 10 business days of attending the interview.

Failure to pay the interview fee will result in the cancellation of your driver’s licence.

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