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Demerit points are added to the drivers licence/abstract only where the driver is convicted of speeding in court.  The amount of points added is relative to the amount of speed.

Upon reaching the maximum points for the class of licence, the Ministry of Transport will suspend the licence for the period prescribed by law.

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Speeding 15km/h or less0
Speeding 16km/h to 29km/h3
Speeding 30km/h to 49km/h4
Speeding more than 50km/h6
Stunt Driving 7
Careless Driving6
Cell Phone - Distracted Driving3
Cross Divided Highway3
Drive in Prohibited Lane - HOV Lanes3
Drive in High Occupancy Lane 3
Drive through railway barrier3
Disobey Stop Sign3
Disobey Red Light3
Disobey Sign - Bylaw2
Disobey Police Officer3
Drive Wrong Way3
Fail to Remain at Accident6
Fail to Report Accident3
Failing to Yield Right of Way3
Fail to Stop for School Bus6
Fail to Lower High Beam2
Fail to Share Roadway2
Fail to Stop for Emergency Vehicles3
Failing to Signal2
Following too Closely4
Improper Passing 2
Improperly Open Door2
Pass off Roadway2
Pedestrian Crossover2
Proceed Contrary to Sign2
Radar Warning Device3
Seat Belts2
Slow Driving2
Turn not in Safety2

Insurance Rates

Any conviction for a traffic offence can affect insurance rates.

The insurance companies look at driver records (Driver Abstracts) to determine their perceived risk to insure the driver.

Insurance providers consider where a driver has convictions for traffic tickets, that the risk of that driver being in an accident or claim is higher.  Demerit points do not affect insurance, it’s the conviction that affects insurance.

G2 Drivers

G2 licence holders can only accumulate six (6) demerit points before the Ministry of Transportation will issue a 30 day drivers licence suspension the drivers licence.

As well where a G2 driver is convicted of any traffic offence with four (4) or more demerit points, there is a hidden thirty (30) licence suspension.

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Suspended Licences

When your licence is suspended the first thing to do is learn why it was suspended.

You can either phone the Ministry of Transport at at 416-235-2999 or obtain a copy of your driver abstract, once you have this information…

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Fighting Traffic Tickets

Option one (1), early resolution or meeting with the prosecutor is a meeting where you plead guilty to the traffic ticket.

Meaning that if you do this the ticket will go on your insurance for three (3) years.   The prosecutor will not drop or cancel the ticket. The prosecutor may offer to reduce the charge, which may not be worth doing.

When you dispute or fight a traffic ticket you have an opportunity to win, the officer must appear, and any reduction available at early resolution maybe available on the trial date.

Fail to Surrender Insurance Card

Yes, any conviction on your driving record can affect your insurance rates.  Insurance companies look at convictions not points to base your rates upon.

Where you have received a ticket for “Fail to Surrender Insurance Card” may courts will cancel the ticket where you appear at the court with proof of valid insurance for the day you where stopped by the police.

If you do not seek to cancel the ticket, the ticket stays on the insurance for three (3) years as a conviction.

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