Drive Wrong Way


Drive Wrong WayWhere a municipality wishes to control or regulated the direction that traffic moves on a roadway, the municipality can designate roads for the use of one way traffic.

In doing so the municipality must post signs in accordance with the Ontario Regulations, to which the signs must be clearly visible to traffic using the roadway.

Insurance Implications

A traffic ticket for driving the wrong way will affect insurance rates for drivers.

A insurance company may consider the traffic ticket a “hazardous conviction” as there was a risk that the driver could of been involved in a traffic accident.

Once the driver is convicted of driving the wrong way on a roadway, the court sends a notice to the Ministry of Transportation.

Upon receiving the record of conviction from the court the Ministry of Transportation then adds the conviction to the driving record.

Driving abstracts are available to anyone who has the drivers licence number for a fee payable to the Ministry of Transportation.

How Insurance Learns of Convictions

The way the insurance company finds out about the ticket is:

  • The insurance company contacts,
  • the driver calls and,
    • tells the insurance company that they received a ticket

Each insurance company is a private company with their own set of rules and standards.

Some insurance companies will not increase insurance rates for one ticket and others will.

The problem is drivers don’t know what the insurance company is going to do, and if asked, there is a chance they will increase it due to the inquiry.

Drivers need to keep their driving records clear.


The out of court fine for driving the wrong way is $110.00.

Where an accident has occurred or the offence is of a serious nature the police officer issues a summons to appear, commanding the driver to appear in court before a justice of the peace (JP).

Where a summons to appear is issued and the driver appears in court the justice may increase the fine.


The penalty for driving the wrong way on a roadway is $110.

This traffic ticket has 3 demerit points and upon conviction, a record of the conviction will appear on the driving abstract with the Ministry of Transportation for 3 years.

Any conviction on a driving abstract/record can affect insurance rates.

Demerit Points

Where a driver is convicted of driving the wrong way, the Ministry of Transportation will add 3 demerit points to the driver abstract.

The police officers nor the courts are obligated to drivers about the demerit points.


Drivers are not suspended for driving the wrong way on a roadway.

The only way a driver maybe suspended for this offence is where the driver accumulates demerit points past their threshold of demerits per drivers licence class or the driver does not pay the fine.

Legal Definition

Highway Traffic Act section 153

Highway designated for one-way traffic
153 (1) Where a highway has been designated for the use of one-way traffic only and official signs have been erected accordingly, vehicles and street cars shall be driven only in the direction so designated.

Exception — bicycle lanes
(2) A lane on a highway designated for the use of one-way traffic only may be designated for the use of bicycle traffic in the opposite direction and, despite subsection (1), where such a designation is made, a person riding or operating a bicycle in that lane shall travel only in the direction designated for that lane.

(3) The designation of a lane for bicycle traffic is not effective until official signs have been erected and the lane has been marked accordingly.

Case Law

No applicable case law for this section at this time.